Wendy Perry is the ONLY Texas Education Agency (TEA) Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Provider giving training to schools specifically about parental alienation and co-parenting in relation to school procedures and policies as well as student health and safety! 

Parental alienation is a form of child abuse, targeting a child psychologically. Per a study from Colorado State University, 44 million children in the United States are affected by parental alienation. Where are these 44 million children almost every day? IN YOUR CLASSROOMS!

Parental alienation can have a direct and momentous effect on school culture and community. Without proper education and training, schools are often unequipped to handle these very serious situations which can result in the following…

Harm To The Student

Student Behavior Problems

Potential Danger To Other Students And School Employees

Disciplinary Actions Against School Employees

Legal Liability Issues For The School District and Campuses

Wasted School Resources (Staff Time, Money, Attorneys, SRO Actions)

When schools (teachers, counselors, administrators, office staff, nurses and coaches) are educated and trained in the area of parental alienation, schools are equipped to handle these situations promptly and appropriately thus allowing them to focus on educating their students.

This training is a MUST for all of your school employees!


Students Caught in the Middle – Parental Alienation in Schools – Signs and Strategies for Educators

What Is Parental Alienation

How Parental Alienation Impacts Schools

Signs of Parental Alienation in School Settings

Roles and Responsibilities of Schools in Parental Alienation

Employee Empowerment – What To Say and Do With Parents and Students

Co-parenting Initiatives and Policies in Schools

TEA approved training that gives CPE hours for ALL school employees!

Contact Wendy now to schedule this VITAL training! or  817-374-0063 to schedule this TEA CPE training for your school! 

TEA CPE # 902-741


I offer the following presentations for ANY audience...

Co-parenting and Parental Alienation Education for Attorneys
Co-parenting and Parental Alienation Education for Judges
"Alienated Adult Children - Why Don't They Just Snap Out Of it" for All Audiences
"Advocacy 101:  How To Build And Grow Your Advocacy" for Advocates
"Students Caught In the Middle, Parental Alienation In Schools" for Educators
"Co-parenting In Schools" for Educators
"Communicating With Divorced Parents" for Educators 
"Students Of Divorced Parents" for Educators
"Parental Alienation In Schools - The Parent Perspective" for Parents
Keynote Speaking for All Audiences 
Motivational Presentations for All Audiences 

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