About Wendy

After enduring what has been called “the worst known case of parental alienation and the most corrupt family court case in the history of Tarrant County Texas” Wendy became motivated to break the silence about parental alienation.

In 2011, Wendy began hosting monthly support group meetings, the format of which has become the template for parental alienation support group meetings around the world.  Also in 2011, Wendy began hosting the annual Parental Alienation Awareness Day/Bubbles of LOVE Day DFW event.  This signature event, which has featured world renowned experts such as Dr. Richard Warshak, is supported by over 50 mayors in North Texas and has been attended by hundreds of people.

In 2014, Wendy’s court case was featured in the critically acclaimed documentary Divorce Corp.

In 2017, Wendy was the chairperson and host of the Parental Alienation Symposium in Dallas, Texas.  “Parental Alienation Symposium 2017”  made history as the largest event to date solely dedicated to the subject of parental alienation.  The symposium featured keynote speaker Dr. Craig Childress and was attended by 250 people from around the world.

In 2018, Dr. Craig Childress invited Wendy to join him and be the “point person” for the delivery of the “Ending The Pathology Of Parental Alienation For All Children Everywhere” petition to the American Psychological Association in Washington DC.  Wendy also made the opening and closing statements at the National Press Club in Washington DC in connection with the petition delivery.

Wendy is the ONLY Texas Education Agency (TEA) Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Provider giving training to schools specifically about parental alienation and co-parenting in relation to school procedures and policies as well as student health and safety!

Wendy has been fortunate to receive the support of Dr. Richard Warshak, Dr. Craig Childress, Dr. Sue Cornbluth, Ryan Thomas and many other top experts in the field of parental alienation.

Wendy’s passions and strengths include giving educational presentations to the public and professionals, giving TV and radio interviews, giving support to targeted and alienated parents as well as conference and event planning.  Whether it’s experts or advocates or families, one of Wendy’s gifts is bringing people together for awareness, education and support.

Wendy Perry is not an attorney and is not a mental health provider. Any and all information provided by or obtained from Wendy Perry (Wendy Perry Consulting) is provided solely for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice, counseling, or therapy. No guarantees are made about the outcome of a particular case or situation. If you are seeking legal advice, consult with a licensed attorney. If you are seeking psychological advice, psychiatric advice or medical advice, consult with a licensed mental health provider.